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March Global Health Readings

A reading list that ended up very Devex heavy, not intentionally:

Devex covers nicely the ups and downs of the Jim Kim World Bank presidency. I keep coming back to this curious what the eventual reveal around his resignation will be.


I was skeptical of drones in development and health at first, but have begun to appreciate that they may have use for small-volume, time-sensitive materials (though I continue to wonder when they will be cheaper to buy and maintain than a motorcycle courier in many LMICs). This article discusses the present state of drones, points out the cultural baggage they bring (which I had not considered) and a bit of the plan for how they might be rolled out.


This Devex article discusses the recent WHO board meeting, and raises a nice serious of questions about how the WHO is doing. It’s hard to imagine how you have a productive discussion between representatives from most of the world’s countries as well as NGOs and other players – I do not envy them the task. As noted, Sept will bring a high-level meeting on Universal Health Care, the biggest target for the coming decade from a WHO policy perspective and SDG #5.


This Gawande article came up in our last pathway meeting – while the main focus is not on global health, the aspect about the Indian MDs who scribe in some systems was notable and interesting from a human resources for health perspective.


“Yet can it really be sustainable to have an additional personal assistant—a fully trained doctor in India, no less—for every doctor with a computer? And, meanwhile, what’s happening across the globe? Who is taking care of the patients all those scribing doctors aren’t seeing?”

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