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October Global Health Readings

Several pieces touching on quality of care – the Health Affairs a response to several recent high level reports about quality improvement as efforts focus on universal healthcare, one a more focused report about issues in China. And finally the new declaration of Astana – 40 years after Alma-Ata’s declaration in support of universal access, a reaffirmation of that goal, with a few more details.  The Health Affairs piece ends on a really strong note, bringing forward the uncomfortable fact that weak health systems have a range of actors failing to do what needs to be done.  How do we start holding them accountable?

I was excited about Gregg getting a MacArthur Fellowship – very well deserved.  He’s an excellent activist (with roots in HIV work with ACT UP) as well as a great public health researcher.  Read a bit about him!

Finally, the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the DRC is certainly worth keeping an eye on. On the plus side, the scientific advances after the 2014 outbreak will hopefully help keep things in check (a relatively untested vaccine that has promise is being deployed) – on the down side, this area of the DRC is actively in conflict, and this complicates considerably efforts to contain the outbreak.

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