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Global Health Readings: April 2018

The annual IHME Global Health Financing report was recently released; as ever, it’s a lengthy but interesting document. I’m still working through it; the biggest point seems to be that development aid for health is going down slightly, after years of steadily increasing.

India put forth a proposal to reduce TB considerable in a very short timeline. This is auspicious – in the sense that without India improving TB control, the world as a whole will fail at that task – and bold – in the sense that the timeline proposed is extremely short. We shall see where it goes; a lot of resources will be needed to accomplish eradication by 2025, but if they are provided, it is possibly possible.
It is perhaps unsurprising that global development organizations are just as inept at handling concerns of sexual misconduct as the rest of society, but it does hurt a bit to see UNAIDS botching this. I pass this along in part as the committee member who quit, Francois Venter, is one of my mentors – and I’m proud to see him taking a stand in the face of irresponsible leadership.
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