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Global Health Readings: March 2018

As issues of gender equity have received some increased (if still relatively minimal) amount of attention, this new organization aims to look for gender equity within global health organizations. Makes sense; it is hard to lecture others to do things you yourself are not doing, and it is equally hard to claim that global equity can be achieved absent gender equity. \
The letter discussed in the Guardian addresses an important aspect of gender equity – sexual harassment by the aid sector (with a series of recent stories detailing issues with staff from Oxfam amongst others).


An NPR piece detailing some of the medically related applications drones have been put to, and making the argument that medical applications could be the thin end of the wedge for delivery drones. Somewhat compelling, I have to say – I have been quite skeptical of the utility of drones in this area, but as time progresses, it does seem like they have a real role to play in both development broadly and in global health specifically.
An interesting piece detailing the rise of Tramadol as a drug of abuse in Africa. Pales in comparison to what we’ve got going on in the US, but it does speak to the intrinsic difficulty in increasing access to medications that have potential for abuse.
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