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Jan GH Readings


KFF, perennially a favorite source of GH news for me, provides this nice summary of year 1 impact of the Trump administration on US GH policy. Overall, better outcomes than one might have feared, if not as good as one might have hoped.


And the look back pairs nicely with this DevEx look forward at expected global health legislation for 2018. PEPFAR and food aid, as well as just the amount of foreign aid, seem to be the likely primary concerns.


Guinea worm approaching eradication, which is quite exciting. (Polio remains on the ropes but difficult to get all the way there)


An interesting if brief discussion of a longer report by the authors detailing the success of Costa Rica in expanding primary care, evidently to good effect both in terms of patient outcomes and finances.


The Disease Control Priorities 3rd edition is recently released – fascinating text that walks through the impact of various measures for reducing morbidity and mortality. The above is the chapter on how they calculating the impact of interventions…it is a bit dense, but useful for those interested in cost-efficacy calculations!

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