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Dec Global Health Readings

A great blog post by one of the present HEAL fellows discussing the inequities lurking within the present global health edifice. It’s short and well written, and quite accurate, unfortunately. Myself and some colleagues from CUGH are working to address at least one aspect of this – “International site fellows cannot see patients at US-based sites to hone clinical skills. ” – more about that in the months to come.

The limitations of palliative care in LMIC is something we’ve touched upon repeatedly – this article discusses some of the more recent updates in that challenge, giving some numbers on usage and an innovative approach taken in Uganda.
Looking more at the economics of the world, I thought this article was interesting connecting as it does Amazon – which most of are using – and the merchants of India, where our annual global health trip goes. For all of the sundry ills of globalization, it’s important to note as well the victories that are present as well.
This is a nice interactive graphic that details inter-country information among the countries that the NEJM did health systems profiles of. Those articles are also well worth reading, as a note.
Finally, a report by a coalition of GH organizations detailing their use of community health workers, and attempting to abstract from their successes some general principles that lead towards effective use of CHWs.  Written by leaders in the field and relatively short executive summary.
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