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Nov Global Health Readings (#1)

MSF obtaining (very) low-cost HCV medications is less surprising when they and others managed to do it for HIV care, and the indolence of HCV makes it a less pressing public health issue that access to ARVs initially was. That said, it’s exciting that this occurred with much more assistance from the pharma companies last time around.
As many of you know, I think following the money in foreign aid is really important. This question of whether money given to territories of OECD nations (eg, post-hurricane Virgin Islands or similar locations) has potentially substantial ramifications in terms of what high-income nations can claim they are providing for development assistance. Since much of the US population and government doesn’t seem to care overmuch about ensuring we’re giving appropriate amounts of foreign aid, this question will have a larger policy impact on the European nations.
This longer piece is a great discussion of global mental health, with a lens through the impact of the Global Burden of Disease report and the efforts of several mental health advocates to increase the visibility of mental health on the global health agenda. Worth perusing!
Finally, I thought this AMA piece about the World Federation of Medical Schools was notable as well – the struggle to ensure the world has sufficient health care providers (with doctors ultimately only being a small portion of those) as well as sufficient quality healthcare providers is ongoing, and I’m happy to see important group paying attention to the quality side as well as the quantity aspect.
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