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August GH Readings, #2

An initial study of a blood test for TB that sounds promising for both diagnosis and for treatment response monitoring. This would be a huge leap forward should these results be repeated on a larger scale.
This ecological study demonstrates a dose-response curve between hotter days and farmer suicides in India. The body of literature connecting climate change and health outcomes is steadily growing; this study was interesting due to an innovative approach that goes beyond binary results.
Nothing particularly interesting – yet – in the US foreign assistance budget, but there is much back-and-forth between conservative vs centrist and liberal groups around the upcoming foreign assistance budget. A lot of ink has been spilled, while in the interim steps like the rewriting of mission statements show some of the internal shifts that are occurring in DC. Tough to know how it all plays out at this point, but it is very true that small changes in our budgeted foreign assistance will have a big effect overall – while it is less than 1% of the gov’t budget, we contribute 25% of global foreign assistance.
An interesting article from a friend arguing to make “victim of human trafficking” a medical diagnosis – which connects to a broader notion that if we reify a disease, this in turn makes it possible (or perhaps easier would be a better word) to address it.
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