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August Global Health Readings, #1

A very interesting report detailing interesting accounting from the part of donor governments, who are counting money spent on refugee populations within their nation as part of their Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), what we more loosely think of as foreign aid.  The critiques leveled therein ring true to me – it seems a stretch to term in-country aid for refugees (much of which ultimately returns to the in-country economy as payments for food, housing, and services) an aspect of ODA.
A pair of stories – one dealing with advertising efforts by Philip Morris in India, the other with uranium mining in Niger – that stand as reminders how while part of global health is sorting out interventions to fix problems, an equal (or perhaps larger) part is the cessation of harmful activities. And a reminder too that it is easy for countries to do small “good” things for those in need, but harder for a county to sacrifice elements of its own well being or comfort for those in need (both on an ethical plane as well as a political plane).
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