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SRMC, Day 1

While we have been staying on the campus of Sri Ramachandra Medical Center – one of the larger hospitals in Chennai and one of the leading private medical colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu – today marks our inaugural time spent with the faculty and trainees of the institution. It has been quite interesting to explore the similarities and differences between our systems!  I know the residents have had a range of reactions, so I won’t say too much lest I steal their thunder, but I will give a couple of statistics that I thought interesting. Usual caveat that these are to my best recollection, from a range of sources here, and that any errors are my own!

A quick orientation to the overall structure – SRMC is a single institution that includes a corporate hospital (that charges patients costs+profit, in exchange for private rooms and no students) as well as subsidized care block (that charges nominal fees and cross-subsidizes patient care with student fees and the corporate block profits) where the medical students will interact with patients. Interestingly, some academic medical centers have trouble filling beds, to the point where they get into trouble with the Medical Council of India (parallels our AAMC and ACGME). Failure to have sufficient patients for the student body size a school targets can lead to sanctions and even removal of school approval.


Hospital size: ~1200 subsidized beds and ~800 corporate (private pay) beds

Program size: General medicine has ~36 residents and a similar number of faculty

Cost per clinic visit: 10 rupees/visit on the subsidized side (~15 cents, R65=$1); TBD on the corporate, I suspect ~R400 or so

Other costs (subsidized side): Hospital admission R120 (no nursing fee, bed fee, or food fee thereafter); EKG R50, CXR R75, CBC ~R160, BMP ~R200, LFTs ~R240; patients are responsible for medications, which are also subsidized but can add up quickly

Patients/day: ~30/resident in outpatient clinic, 30-50 for the inpatient team (2 residents, 3-4 attendings, sundry students)

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