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July Global Health Readings

Great article summarizing the state of the WHO presently, and the specific challenges that the new director general will face as he takes control. The slow decline of the WHO as the preeminent body in global health doesn’t seem inevitable, but certainly hasn’t been forestalled as of yet.

While this isn’t new, it is one of the opening pieces we discuss during the global health intensive, and a good one to periodically return to in my esteem. Written in 1968, but the incisive attacks against good intentions paired with harmful actions still ring quite true.,-over-half-of-people-with-HIV-taking-AIDS-drugs

A notable milestone (I guess all milestones tend to be) – more than 50% of HIV+ patients on ART globally. The last 50% will be more difficult, likely, but with luck the impact of reducing the overall amount of virus out there will begin to reduce the rate of tranmission.

Helpful analysis making a case for continued global health support due to the add-on benefits to the US economy.

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