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Jan GH Readings

As we approach the Trump inauguration, there remains little news about his approach to foreign aid – the first article featuring words from Newt Gingrich is not reassuring, but I think the nature of Trump approach remains quite uncertain. The second explores what might happen based on the Heritage Foundation’s prior publications.
This series of articles on UK foreign aid discusses a likely attempt by the new government to reduce foreign aid – the UK being one of few countries that have managed to hit the 0.7% of GNI target for development aid that was previously arrived at. The first, an editorial from the director of Oxfam-UK, lays out guiding principles for improving UK aid going forward – notably not including marked budget cuts.
It does not seem farfetched that the more nationalist governments in the UK, US, and potentially other European countries later this year will broadly act to reduce foreign aid, despite it constituting a relatively minor (1-5%) portion of budgets for most countries.
On a more positive note, this was a very interesting idea for slow-release medications, one that I could readily seeing being used for a number of infectious conditions, and one that would greatly simplify adherence for low-resource settings.
So at least a positive note to end on.
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