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September Global Health Readings

An opportunity for trainees and faculty alike to submit essays for a CUGH contest – prizes include money and waived registration at the conference.  Consider submitting a piece (deadline Dec 4th).
A great piece from the BU SPH Dean discussing public health in a US (and a bit global) context.  He does a great job of reviewing the big picture data around US health and health expenditures in a concise and nice fashion; worth a quick read.
Ongoing coverage of the polio outbreak in Nigeria. A nice continuation of the case study we reviewed in India.
Sri Lanka has eradicated malaria, which is an impressive feat.  We knew it was feasible – the US itself did so last century – but to my knowledge no other countries have done so in the last few years.  While the eradication agenda presently focuses heavily on polio and to some degree measles (as well as guinea worm and other NCDs), malaria has been floated as a disease that could eventually be eradicated, though the tools for this are presently lacking.
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