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Global Health Blog 2.0

Minasan, Kon’nichiwa!

I wanted to be the first to let you guys know that we will be now be updating our blog every 2 weeks with Global health topics and miscellaneous concerns. The goal is to have a new blog post out on the 1st and 3rd week of every month, starting with this post.

I am very excited to see how much interest we can gather for our global health endeavors. To that extent, I am also eager to recruit guest bloggers outside of our global health pathway residents, at BMC or otherwise, to blog about topics relevant to global health. Please subscribe to our blog, give us feedback and help us build a bigger online presence.

Now, back to your previously scheduled blogging.



If you haven’t already guessed, we’ve all returned from our global health trip to India, safe and sound. Even better, I did not contract dengue fever (this time).

Our trip was enlightening and exciting. Coming back to my home country and observing medical care in India, after a year away in the US, gave me a new perspective on things. It deepened my interests in cost-effective care, and my desire to practice equitable health.

2016-07-24 12.12.22

Obtaining perspective

We had a number of intense discussions and debates on topics ranging from the actual definition of global health,  the stakeholders that determine global health funding and care delivery, disease profiles and historical trends of diseases, and, the future of global health.

It was a grounding experience, that has left me with the essentials to begin to carve out a path towards my intended career in global health. For this, and many other reasons, I hope future residency applicants interested in a career in global health, choose BMC.


But I digress.

One of the things I’ve decided from this trip, is that I need to choose my words and actions carefully. The term used to describe what I thought was global health has changed frequently. Terms such as global health, local health and international health have been throw around in the past, and, in our discussions. I believe that what I intend to practice, is equitable health. I want to be able to provide equal opportunities in health care, i.e, to attempt to level the playing ground wherever help is needed to achieve that.

I am interested in a career in equitable health focused on obtaining renal replacement therapy where it is inaccessible. I envision that I will one day learn to place peritoneal dialysis catheters to start peritoneal dialysis in resource-limited settings, and eventually develop peritoneal dialysis centers that are self-sustained by the people that live in that country/region. I plan on spending the next few years of residency and fellowship, trying to figure out the best way to make this possible.

I will have more information on this, and other global health endeavors in nephrology, in the coming months.

For now, I will leave you with a picture of us on a swing in my home in Trichy

2016-07-29 19.24.40

From left to right: My grandmother; Andrea; Jocelyn; Ed; Me (Yuvaram)


Until next time!



P.S: My next topic will be Part 2 of the Medical Education System


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One comment on “Global Health Blog 2.0

  1. Excellent point, Yuvaram, and one that speaks to perhaps the largest question in the “field” of global health – what are we trying to address?
    No easy or gold standard answers; I like the CUGH attempt (Koplan et al, link below), but recognize that it remains a work in progress.

    Click to access Global_Health_Towards_a_Common_Definitition.pdf

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