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August Global Health Readings

Starting next month, the residents in the BMC IM global health pathway will be publishing pieces every two weeks on topics in global health. Should be quite enjoyable!

A brief piece touching up quality in global health and summarizing several other papers within the same issue. I do think that improving delivery and implementation is a hugely important in global health – perhaps the most important at this particular moment – and that future programs will necessarily have a heavy focus on this.
Long piece focused on Jim Kim’s work at the World Bank – nicely lays out the changes he as an on-the-ground development sort is trying to actualize at an institution that does not have a strong history of working in that area.
Resurgent polio in Nigeria – as we discussed on our global health trip, finishing off the eradication process has proven to be very difficult.
A difficult situation in Haiti, where striking residents are holding out for a living wage and better working conditions – fair complaints – but as detailed, are leaving the health system without doctors to care for an already underserved population. No easy answers to this problem.
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