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BMC IM Global Health Intensive #4

The Boston Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Global Health Pathway (makes for a long acronym!) is beginning our our fourth global health intensive, and third trip to Hyderabad, India for this. The intensive combines shadowing in Indian health care facilities spanning private to public and medical to public health with small group discussions of key topics in global health, providing all of the pathway members with a communal basic knowledge to support further discussion and development over the coming 2 years. I’m excited to have 4 PGY-2s here with Gopal and I – Andrea, Ed, Jocelyn, and Yuvaram – and to have an additional stop in this India trip, going to Trichy and Chennai via the kind assistance of Yuvaram.

We have landed and are taking a day to acclimate to the time difference as well as unpack physically and mentally. Tomorrow the shadowing experience will begin with a trip to the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), a perennial favorite on this trip.

Watch this space for more blog posts from the participating residents, myself, and perhaps even Dr Yadavalli himself.

On the domestic tip, a well-written article detailing some of the trials of our patients at BMC who congregate in the neighborhood, along a stretch of Mass Ave termed the “Methadone Mile.” I like the notion of switching the moniker to “Recovery Road.”

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