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July Global Health Readings

I’ll lead with two quick analyses by Kaiser Family Foundation (as ever, my main source of information)

Brief report looking over appropriations for FY 2017 in terms of global health money; on balance, global health programs did well, given that the economy is improving but not rapidly, and that political appetite for global health is likely lower during an election year.

June Kaiser poll of the public looking at health topics – main takeaways for me is that the public support Zika funding (while Congress remains impressively unable to act) and that the ACA continues to be split by partisanship in terms of interest, with Democrats largely supporting it and Republicans continuing to disapprove.

Long but important piece that discusses the difficulties of development NGOs pairing with corporations for funding, and whether the bias this potentially introduces into programs (and the whitewash this can provide for the subset of corporations that intent to use this more as PR than true good deed) is outweighed by the additional funding stream.

A brief but powerful piece that discusses potentially global health implications of the Brexit. Hattip to my colleague Atheen for noting this one. As he pointed out, the final paragraph rings very true:
“And finally: the Brexit referendum should be a stark warning to those who have benefited over the last two decades from globalisation and technological change. Unless the benefits of these profound economic shifts are shared with all citizens, in rich countries and in poor countries, those citizens will eventually overthrow the apple cart.”

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