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May Global Health Readings – #1

Some reasonable thoughts from a former Representative on how to improve US aid. Notably lacks a discussion of buying more local goods (and local expertise…not US based consultants), a dynamic much discussed in food aid, but applicable across the board

An important Lancet commission focus on illicit drug use and the impact of societal efforts to constrain such – of particular note to us at BMC, since much of our population is deeply entrenched within that conflict.
This sentence from the executive summary captures the spirit well:
“The idea that all drug use is dangerous and evil has led to enforcement-heavy policies and has made it difficult to see potentially dangerous drugs in the same light as potentially dangerous foods, tobacco, and alcohol, for which the goal of social policy is to reduce potential harms.”

Interesting teaser for a pending campaign by French President Hollande to standardize medication prices via international regulation. This would cause major upheaval, to say the least – ergo, unlikely to happen, in the short term. But it points to the level of concern about pharmaceutical pricing, and the subsequent likelihood of some manner of international agreements on this in the future.
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