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March Global Health Readings

Welcome to our newest group of BU interns with interest in global health!

BUMC IM Global Health Pathway:
Joceyln Keehner
Andrea Gaspar
Ed Briercheck
Yuvaram Reddy
Bassima Abdallah (interested in women’s health and the Middle East)
Jalpan Ringwala (interested in GI and India)
Jared Eddy (headed into ID @ BMC)
Mandy Bradke (headed into a HEAL Global Health fellowship between IHS and Haiti, interested in women’s health)
A grim but useful piece from a (former) high level UN staffer that nicely lays out the issues with the organization as presently formatted. The issues around bureaucracy and the inability of the organization to pivot quickly to face challenges (as well as the general debacle of peacekeeping forces abusing their populations) rings very true.
Helpful Lancet study that steps towards quantifying the microcephaly risk from Zika (~1% in a prior outbreak, though the amount of modeling to arrive at that number is necessarily quite large and therefore makes this, to my mind, less of a solid number).
The latest is the ongoing discussion (/controversy) about drug pricing, and the reality that prices affordable to high and middle income countries will never be reachable for those in low income countries. The new TB medications are the topic here; expect to see more on this as more MDR focused medications come out, and expect to see some activism around it (but, with HIV in the past, expect to see Pharma equipped with a better PR approach than back in 2000, too).
Finally, not an article, but a podcast, this one coming from Ed Briercheck and featuring a discussion with Ami Bhatt, a co-resident of mine who founded an NGO focused on improving oncology care in the global setting. Check it out!
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