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On ritual in travel

While the blog has been quiet for a few weeks, we have a bevy of residents lining up travel for the year to come, so I’m excited at the posts that their travel will bring.

For myself, I am in Haiti working on the EqualHealth project that has consumed much of the last year for me – Teach the Teacher (T3), or Formation du Formateur (FdF) in French.  This has been a joint program with the educational staff of Mirebalais Hospital, which constitutes the largest teaching hospital in rural Haiti (among a range of other firsts).

It’s been a good week, though I’m glad to have it done and to have home in the horizon, temporally and physically.

I was just reflecting on the little rituals I’ve developed through years of travel – specifically the very particular movement of clothes from clean to dirty piles, and then the packing just before departure. Longer trips (> 2 weeks) usually require more settling in and less living from suitcases, so it’s not a hard and fast rule. But an interesting way nevertheless of counting down the time towards my return home.  Chatting with other global health sorts, I know many have some sort small collection of habits and tics (and perhaps superstitions) that they bring with them as they travel.

We do global health for equity in an imbalanced world, but we also do it for the experiences it brings to us.

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