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JET LAG… Things I miss about India/Hyderabad

It is 3am in Boston and I just finished my shift as the VA ROD 3-4 hours ago. Obviously I came home and slept for 3 hours and now I am awake struggling to fall back asleep.   The jet lag phenomenon is hitting me hard!  I decided to dedicate 30 min to this blog post (no more – no less), so sorry if I made some grammatical/spelling mistakes… its early!

To keep this Academic here is an interesting article from the Lancet on Jet Lag!

Anyways, since I have a few blog still left to write I thought I would be somewhat productive in my vampire like state.   Now obviously I will hopefully get back to blogging about the second half of our trip but for now I want to talk about:


  1. The Food.
    1. The variety. India is a vegetarian’s heaven when it comes to selection and quality. I was able to be picky and have a strong opinion on my food quality. I felt empowered to evaluate my food critically. I believe that was in part due to the fact that I had so many options available to me. Here in the states, I sometimes struggle to find a vegetarian meal – unfortunate, I know!
    2. How cheap the food/life was in India – being Gujarati, I had to mention this…
    3. CHAI…every 2-3 hours… (I am going to learn to make this soon!)
    4. Spice – Although while I was there in Hyderabad I was somewhat reluctant to eat the spicier foods. Now being back in the USA, I am utterly disappointed at the food I have available to me. I feel that every meal that I eat here tastes like cardboard.
      1. Having to use 3-4 napkins to wipe the spice off of my nose!
  2. The Culture
    1. I miss seeing a Mandir on every other street because those constant reminders really made me feel a strong connection to the religion I practice (or attempt to in the states).
    2. I miss having to bargain with auto-rickshaw drivers about how much they are price gauging our group
    3. I miss the kind people of India – from Anil our driver to the many people we met at the myriad of health facilities we visited
  3. The things I miss about the people I went on the trip with:
    1. James Hudspeth
      1. Evening Yoga in our Living Room (his Bedroom)
      2. The Myriad of JAMA articles sprawled all over our house
      3. Amazing ability to adapt to the culture (from his head bobbing skills to his ability to show kindness to everyone)
    2.  Gopal
      1. aka The Hand of the King, aka Narrator Extraordinaire
      2. His amazing stories about how he fell into global health, HIV, his family, his friends in Hyderabad and pretty much anything he talked about…
      3. His advice on anything…
      4. His look of ecstasy after having the most delicious “Pan”-flavored Kulfi (see below)
    3.  Mandy
      1. Lack of movie knowledge (jk)
      2. Sheer ability to write so many blog posts…
      3. Her questions – there were many…
    4.  Jared
      1. Commitment to reading all those books
      2. Historical references about literally everything
      3. Willingness to join a gym while in Hyderabad for 2 weeks
      4. His patience when random people who came up to him to take a picture (happened every time we left the house)
    5.  Bassima
      1. Her ability to make a decision (not really…)
      2. Lebanon references/comparisons
      3. Better Call Saul on her Ipad
  1. Healthcare
    1. It was really nice to see cost-conscious healthcare in action. Every facility we visited emphasized that many patients cannot pay for the most expensive or even normal tests. Therefore they were forced to rely on their diagnostic skills to determine a patient’s diagnosis and management, instead of ordering every test under the sun – as is done many times here in Boston.
    2. Another nice part about Indian Healthcare was that their documentation requirements were so much less than what we have in the US. Their residents obviously had a very high workload but they were not stuck in front of a computer documenting every last detail about what happened to the patient in the day. I understand that comes with its flaws but nonetheless it was refreshing site to see.
His Expression Post Kulfi Bite

His Expression Post Kulfi Bite

Anil (our driver, left) and our group!

Anil (our driver, left) and our group!

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