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10 Random things I learned on my travels

  1. One NGO we visited purchased TB masks that are manufactured in India, exported to the US then bought from the US and shipped back to Hyderabad for local use. Good TB masks are not sold locally.
  2. Many radiology technicians will refuse to perform a CXR or an US if a patient is sick for fear of contagion.
  3. It is challenging to find surgeons or endoscopists willing to perform procedures for HIV positive patients due to persistent stigma in Hyderabad.
  4. A day’s work at an HIV clinic here includes deciding whether to spend money on a CXR or a CD4 count when attempting to Dx / Rx / triage a patient.
  5. Knowing that follow-up can be poor among her patient population, and having limited time with each patient she sees during a day, one clinician here relies on presence of a loud S2 to decide whether or not to start a patient on anti-hypertensives.
  6. Hospitals here continue to deal with a high turnover rate of skilled nurses due to attrition to other countries including the Middle East.
  7. New regulations have mandated that all kidney transplants come from donors who are relatives to prevent the buying and selling of organs in India.
  8. The state of Kerala has the best palliative care in the country.
  9. Hospitals here advertise discounted packages for different screening tests on billboards in the city.
  10. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in females in India
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