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Hyderabadi Hungama; Dollars and (per)Cents

Our trip continues to go quite well.  Thanks to tireless work on the part of Gopal, we have had more opportunities for touring institutions this trip than in 2013, with the spectrum ranging from an NGO-run leprosy hospital, to a TB control program, to a semi-private (small) hospital, to a largely private (very large!) hospital, to a small HIV NGO, to (tomorrow) a moderately sized private/public partnership hospital. A purely public hospital is lined up for next week, which will round things out quite nicely.

On an entirely different note, this is a useful series of numbers vis-a-vis funding for global health that came out of our didactic discussions today.

US GDP                                       $16.77 trillion  (2013 – World Bank)

US Federal Budget                      $3.8 trillion (2015 – National Priorities) – 22% of GDP [yes, different years, but roughly]

US Foreign Aid                            $52 billion (2012 – National Priorities) – .03% of GDP, 1.4% of federal budget

US Economic Aid                         $33.5 billion (2012 – National Priorities) – .02% of GDP, 0.88% of federal budget

US Global Health Aid                   $8.9 billion (2012 – KFF) – 0.0056% , 0.23% of federal budget, 17% of total foreign aid

US Goal Development Aid           $117 billion  (UN Resolution, 1970, goal of 0.7% GNI)

Sundry caveats apply – different data sources and years, “foreign aid” here combines military and economic aid, “economic aid” includes things that aren’t development per se (eg, drug interdiction support), and the US never signed on to the 0.7% of GNI number fully (we just supported the idea of the resolution, not the precise numbers).  But, ballpark numbers are correct, and ballpark point – that we should be giving more money for development – is easy to see. Humorously, KFF also has a nice series of polls showing that the US public vastly overestimates foreign aid (mean value of 28% of federal budget). Thankfully, when people are told the real numbers, they largely want to increase the amount.

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