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July GH Readings

The global development summit in Addis will have major implications for the Sustainable Development Goals and for development financing in the forthcoming years; this is particularly important given the reduction in aid over the last several years during the financial crisis. Upshot as it ends –
This is one of a series of pieces from the Thompson Reuters Foundation discussing NGO in global health, with this article focusing on the flow of finance.  The primary points I would take away are that administrative costs for NGOs can run quite high, and that the financial data we have about NGOs is only as good as they provide.
Finally, some exciting and welcome news in the realm of polio eradication, with marked successes in Nigeria suggesting a potential end in sight. Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have been the most difficult countries in terms of polio eradication in the last 5 years; since the challenges faced between the three are similar, success in one augurs hope for success in the others in the years to come.
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