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April Global Health Readings, #1

Paul Farmer discussing the issue of health care systems, and the manifold impact that having a system of some nature in place brings to the health of those within a region.
A bit long, but good overall.
Next wave of the DCP project (which are great resources for discussion of possible interventions for different diseases) – the initial volume discussed here focuses on surgery, and is part of an increasing interest/focus on the potential impact of increasing surgical access.  Task-shifting towards
Seems very early stages, but if true, this would be a very promising step in the fight againt malaria.
Next step, repeat for TB.
This is a 6 week online course (~18 hours) that will be starting in May. It’s free, and might be interesting. I have no idea how good the quality will be, so take it with a grain of salt, but I’ll be signing up to at least check it out.
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