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December Global Health Articles

Very pertinent piece for our refugee and immigrant patients, and one that does an enjoyable job of approaching a political problem in an apolitical way, pointing solely to what is right from the author’s perspective. Joins nicely with work by Thomas Pogge, who writes a lot about global development and philosophy.
I quite like Helen Epstein, who has written heavily about the role of sexual networks in the spread of HIV, among other things.  This one focuses on Ebola and the social conditions that facilitated spread within Liberia.
A piece from the Economist with a very long URL that discusses some weaknesses with the WHO revealed by the Ebola crisis. A traditionally conservative publication, and worth hearing their take on the WHO (which is, I’d say, pretty fair).
Another long URL piece, this a summary of some massive needs assessment looking to see what the most pressing GH technologies are. The list ain’t too bad, though I like lumping together vaccines for HIV/malaria/TB – any of which would be a huge discovery (and an equally huge project).
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