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Global Health Articles

A new feature for us, where I’ll put up a host of articles related to GH that caught my interest every few weeks. A way both to force me to provide some further analysis of things that are “interesting” as well as to provide a potential forum for discussion of new trends in GH.


A new version of Depo-provera that’s a one-use injection that patients can give themselves, apparently targeted at low-resource settings (where iatrogenic viral infections are indeed a real concern, thus some benefit potentially to single-dose packaging). Cost isn’t mentioned, though it’s supported by the NGO PATH and presumably aimed to be affordable for the general populace.

A similar spread of Boston-familiar technology to less-resourced settings is documented in this article on use of methadone for IVDU in Tanzania. Sub-Saharan Africa has a relatively low burden of IV drug use (per reviews with admittedly low quality data), but growing as both more drugs are trafficked through and, of course, as incomes rise. Something worth watching.

Finally, an interesting claim made in a New York Times article summarizing several bits of research that there may well be a strong link between sanitation and stunting, where the increased energy required of the immune system to fend off infection leads to stunted early growth even in the presence of sufficient nutrition.

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