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Funny how you can get into a routine anywhere, and things that once seemed foreign become normal. Here’s my Monday-Friday routine at JFK:

7am wake up, enjoy a random breakfast at the dorm (cream of wheat, add peanut butter=great! Spaghetti and hot dogs? I’ll skip the dogs)
7:45 walk to the hospital, saying hello to dozens of nursing students, security guards, and random other people who have somehow learned my name over the last month.
8 Medicine morning report at JFK. Discuss overnight admissions and deaths. Generally there are 1-5 admissions and 1-3 deaths every night. Sometimes a medical student will present a case or is assigned to give a lecture. Monday we also have grand rounds at 9:30.
9-12ish Ward rounds, we usually have about 20 patients (there are 2 teams).
12-1 Complete procedures, make sure labs are drawn and radiology studies performed, check on the more critically ill patients again
1-2 lunch at the maternity hospital. Without fail , it is rice+__(chicken, frozen veggies, or my favorite, potato greens)
2-4ish back to the dorm to use the internet, prepare lectures for the med students, read about the interesting cases I’ve seen that day (3 cases of tetanus in the ICU right now!). And OK I’ll admit it, occasionally a nap, especially the last few days I’ve been feeling unwell (don’t worry, my malaria smear was negative!).
4-6ish back to the hospital to give a lecture and/or for evening rounds
6:30 quick run with my partner in crime, Johanna, who is a surgery resident at MGH. Sadly she just left yesterday, so we’ll see how much running I do without her!
7 the coldest shower I’ve ever taken
8 on dinner, usually out, which usually means running into one or more of the interesting ex-pats we’ve met while here.

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